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(left to right) "Isabell, Maud, Gertrude, Edna, and Pearl"  of the

Theatre Production Parasol    theatre parasol

Shirley's Wedding ParasolLace Romatic Parasols
Shirley and Bridal Parasol

Linda and Anna with Sun Parasol   Tricentennial Kick-Off Sunshade Parasol
 Linda Anna @ Tricentennial Kick-Off

 Marilyn & James/Wedding Parasol Romantic Wedding Couple/Wedding Parasol James and Marilyn and Wedding Parasol
Marilyn and James

  Cookie with her lace fan and Parasol Lovely Shirley/Vintage Umbrella Southern Belle Parasol
   Cookie from Kentucky                 
  Lovely Shirley                 Southern Belle
1st Prize Costume Division

wedding umbrella parasol White Lace Parasol Romantic Lace Parasol
                                 Stunning Jacqueline Holmes, married June 25

Bird Hat Pink Parasol Spring Jude's House Marise, Margaret & Anniea
The Lads La Chic Hats and Parasols La Chic Boutique with Vintage Parasols
        La Chic Boutique, New Zealand

 Elegant vintage parasol Red Hat Society Red Hat Accessories
Audrey, historical tour                           Maribeth, Red Hat Momma

Trio Brioso and elegant parasols
Trio Brioso Elegant music with shades of vintage elegance (piano, violin and cello)

Virginia parasol in white
  Wedding of John and Natalie Storrie. Precious butterfly.

 Victorian Parasol White wedding gloves
   Storrie Wedding, Australia

victorian parasol Inez parasol in white
 The Artemov's, Russia

    Juliet & Chastity parasols in ecru

    Teresa & Michael, James & Jenny's Double Wedding Party, Galveston, TX May 2006

  Inez parasol in black  Victorian lace fan
 Sophie-Anne/Jean-Christophe Prom     Le Duke D'Orleans from The Court of                                                           Louis XVI and Marie Antionette

 Georgia parasol in white violetta black parasol  
  Jennie & Greg, Aug '06 Wedderburn Castle, Scotland        Lovely L. Conklin

 Vintage Victorian Parasol   Wedding parasol battenburg lace parasol and gloves   lady's parasol
Early Century parasol   Century parasol wedding   Wedding lace fan
Marcin and Magdalena's Wedding, Poland

Queen Gambit/Excalibur 2005 Theatre Parasol  Jenny from Australia/lady with australian parasol
Queen Gambit                                    Jenny at Echuca in a restored 1925 Fiat
                                                         Family heirloom bought brand new in 1925
Lord fancourt Babberly attired as Charley's Aunt Battenburg lace fan width=
Lord fancourt Babberly attired as Charley's Aunt and Charley's Grandmother

Phoebe white victorian parasol victorian parasol victorian parasol
Rachel and Dustin, Prom Night, Indiana; Judith Birney, Calgary Alberta

Virginia Purple parasol for a lady parasole
Cheryl, Rae, Shawn, Lady Beverly, Seattle

parasole Doll Carriage and parasol
D Johnson Photography                                    Doll Carriage and parasol

parasols from the past Bridal parasol in white
 Talbot Wedding, November 2007

Elegant Wedding Umbrella timeless parasols parasols from the past
Williams-Steele Wedding, Walsall England

Lace Umbrella  
Bella, AZAC Clothing Couture                                           Judith Birney, Calgary Alberta

French Parasol Lady ombrelle  sun umbrella  lace parasolsparasol elegance
Dentellelih, France       Courtney, Digital Artform                     Victorialee

Wedding parasol wedding lace gloves
 Shannon Jarrell Ivey, 7/7/07 Wedding

    Elegant Wedding Parasol Actress Shannon Jarrell wedding lace fan
Click here to read Stephen & Shannon Ivey's San Antonio Wedding Article

Beach Parasol Melissa's daughters at the beach Victorian Bathing Beauties
Lullaby Photography

Battenburg Lace Parasol Battenburg Lace Fan Pink parasol
Walter Herrit Photography

Lace Parasol for child
J. Wade's 3 yr. old granddaughter. Cart pulled by their St. Bernard. Colorado Springs Parade.

CHASTITY Lace Vintage Parasol
Pirates Of Penzance, Verona Area High School, Verona, WI

Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Lace-Parasols
Cyndi Lauper Set Your Heart 2009 Video Director's cut by Karl Giant

Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Lace-Parasols
Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Set Your Heart Directors Cut

Wedding Vintage Lace Parasol Elegant Wedding Vintage Parasol
Michelle Moore Barnard, Feb '09

Bridal Parasol Bride and her parasol from the past Timeless Parasol Wedding Parasol
Andy & Samantha Bergman Wedding
White Tiger Photographic TRASH THE DRESS SESSION! Fort Wayne, Indiana

Dixie and lace parasol Dixie and her parasol Dixie and her parasol
Matt and Kim Wedding, Aug. 2011

Wedding Parasol Wedding Parasols  Tea Lovers Corner
Matt and Kim Wedding, Aug 2011                                            Lady Estelle

wedding parasols by the beach

    Nicole and Tony's Wedding, 2012

 beach wedding  bridal parasols for wedding party 
Wedding Parasols

Bert with Victorian Embroidered Parasol Reba's Victorian Post Cards 1907-1910 
Lovely Bert with Victorian Embroidered Parasol
OPEN  Reba's Victorian Post Cards 1907-1910

 Tabitha & Matthew Wedding, Australia  Bridesmaids with parasols 
Tabitha & Matthew Wedding, Australia

 Tabitha & Matthew Wedding, Australia  Bridesmaids with parasols 
Tabitha & Matthew Wedding, Australia

Vintage Lace Parasols
Maya and Elle

Nayomi Summer Fashion Event Fun with Lace-Parasols, Dubai
Video Nayomi Summer Fashion Show 2013, Dubai

Vintage Lace Parasols
Happy Birthday Yolanda!
Vintage Lace Parasols      black Lace Parasol
Soluthern Belles Adie C. and                          Ms. Lillehei, VA
Maid of Honor, Ally, South Carolina

Lace Parasols at vinyard wedding  Pink Lace Parasols
Natalie & Dan Schuberth's wedding, Keswick Vineyards, Virginia, June 7, 2014

Iris S from Amsterdam, Italian wedding
Photo by Brian Satoer, PIXED Photography

Video Free People "Floating Down the Cahaba River" with Dan Sartain

Anne of Green Gables - The Musical Opens for its 54th Year at the
Confederation Center of the Arts

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