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Code Name Image Price  
LS-E09J TWELVE Delicate 4"x4" Tatted Lace Sachets $34.99
LS-W03J Delicate 8x8" Lace Sachets $21.99
EGH-W21 Battenburg Lace Eye Glass Holders $4.99
FG-26W Twin tassels Lace Fan and Crochet Gloves $22.99
E821-WL "Florence" Romantic Battenburg Lace Parasol $56.99
E824-WLL "Juliet" Handmade Parasol with lace fan $59.99
R826-RLL "Priscilla" Stunning Red Parasol & Fan $59.99
P823-PA "Virginia" Battenburg Lace Cotton Parasol $56.99
W822-A "Sarah Elizabeth" Vintage Parasol $56.99
B829-WL "Juliet" Embroidered Fancy Parasol Umbrella $56.99
B800-WL "Ettie" Battenburg Lace Parasol $59.99
EW828-NL "Inez" Elegant Parasol $59.99
988-SLV "Myrtle" Silver Lace Wedding Parasol $59.99
F-P24A Purple Battenburg Lace Fan $12.50
F-R24A Red Battenburg Lace Fan $12.00

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