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Our Lace Parasols and Lace Products:

Whether your desire is to dress the part of the elegant Victorian lady or express your unique sense of style, Lace-Parasols...undercover elegance, is the one stop solution to
buy, sell and collect hard to find beautiful lace parasols at unbeatable prices. We offer a wide variety of unique parasols which are hard to find anywhere else.

SASS, NCOWS and Old West Re-enactors share our love for the best beautiful and unique one of a kind lace parasols! Brides love using these stunning wedding parasols on their special day.

Steps to open your lace parasol by Lace-Parasols:

  • With your left hand, use your thumb and fingers to wrap around and hold the parasol from its strongest point which is where the end of the handle meets with the wooden shaft (pole).
  • With the right hand, slide the runner all the way up to the top spring until it snaps in place.

Steps to close your lace parasol by Lace-Parasols:

  • With your right hand place your thumb over the top spring and wrap your fingers around the wooden shaft (pole). Use your left hand to gently slide the runner upward using slight pressure while pressing the top spring with your right thumb. This helps release the spring without pinching your fingers. Use your left hand to gently slide the spring down towards the bottom spring.

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